Who Can Lead?

Who doesn’t want to be a leader? If anyone has their hand raised, it’s probably for one of two reasons. One, you may have witnessed the responsibility that come with leading out loud, and you want no part of it. Or two, you could be just focusing on your own personal growth, and you’re not quite ready to be responsible for others, just yet. Some may feel leadership is for certain people, and the rest are meant to follow, or roll solo dolo. All of these things are true in part, yet the ultimate truth is, God has place leadership inside everyone of us.

Embracing Uniqueness

We are all born unique with our own set of special talents. God hasn’t place anyone in this world unequipped to carry out their life’s purpose. The big guy just don’t make mistakes like that. If you can handle your uniqueness first, without letting the pressure of competition or conformity force you into being someone you are not, then you will really know that mastering your gifts and talents from God will make people take notice of you. This is true even if what you do is not out loud, or in front of the public.

Strategic Positioning

Submitting to God’s plan for your life will place you in a position where you have no competition, no rivals. Once you take the vicious, cutthroat, over-competitive nature that often comes with the fight for leadership away, yes even in the Kingdom, then the idea of leading out front become a little less intimidating (or a little more appealing to those who have ran from the thought).


I heard Kingdom Speaker Mike Murdock say, “Honor is the reward for your uniqueness.” He also said, “Where you are geographically positioned is where God wants you to be, and you will have no rivals”. These are two powerful truths I have realized in my own life. So you may be asking, “What do these two statements have to do with leadership?”

When you begin to embrace your uniqueness, people will begin to honor you for it; they’ll admire you. People follow who they admire even if its afar. Then by submission to God, He will strategically place you where your uniqueness will not only benefit you, but others as well. It is at this place no one will rival you. This is not to say you won’t have opposition. In fact, the heat may turn up, but don’t be afraid.

Opposition at this point is only evidence that you are where God wants you to be. So you should trust him to fight your battles. He will, all except one: the good fight of faith. That puppy is yours to handle. But the good thing about the fight of faith is that you will be your biggest competitor. The fight of faith is against yourself, not others, not the enemy. So SURRENDER. I’ll have my popcorn ringside side watching. And guess who my money’s on: YOU.