Columbus, OH native Yaves has been one of the more successful independent artist that the genre has seen. His mixtape series ‘Prince Among Thieves’ has garnished a solid fanbase as well as afforded him the opportunity to reach beyond stateside and overseas. The ‘Prince Among Thieves’ mixtape series has been extremely successful with over 78,000 streams/downloads collectively, and over 25,000 hard copies circulated to date.

Yaves has enlisted a team of creatives to help craft 3 separate versions of the project. Featuring Taelor Gray, Armond Wakeup, Hodgie XVII, J.Flue, Keisha Solei, DJ Giovanny and more.

As the details unravel we know that Yaves will work with DJ Giovanny and LiveMixtapes to craft a version that will be particularly for that site. He also has teamed up with Forgiven Boutique to offer a version that will be released on their site and other outlets. As the before mentioned versions will be free downloads, their will also be an iTunes version that deviates from the other two tracklist.



1. Never Perish
2. Salute
3. The Purge
4. Mom’s Interlude
5. Lord Have Mercy ft Hodgie XVII
6. Gold D’s
7. Tokyo Drift ft Armond Wakeup, J-Word
8. Pastel Shades ft Ron Riley
9. Mom’s Interlude 2
10. On Go
11. Run Flat
12. King or Pawn ft Ceezar
13. Smooth Sailing ft J.Flue, Taelor Gray
14. Est 1991
15.Mom’s Interlude 3


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