Will Thomas is an Atlanta-based filmmaker who runs Space Cherry Films, specializing in music videos for Christian hip-hop artists. He has been making videos since 2008 and has made videos for popular Christian hip-hop artists such as KB, Derek Minor, Thi’sl, Json, Eshon Burgundy, Alex Faith, Social Club and many many more.

“[I] Picked up a camera that my friend had in his closet, started shooting with it, and since then I fell in love with filmmaking.”

“I always had a heart for films and I figured, ‘why should I go and do these short films for free, when I can do a music video and get paid to learn how to shoot. That’s kind of how the idea started.’”

At that time he reached out to artist friends where he lived in Jacksonville, Florida and one person agreed to make a video with him. His first music video was for a song called “The Arrival” by T’Juan. Unfortunately, it is no longer available online, so the public cannot see Will Thomas’ first music video.

“It was so much fun doing that video. It kind of cultivated my love for it.”