According to, Reach Records-emcee Andy Mineo’s latest album, ‘Uncomfortable,’ sold 35,000 units (32,000 in pure album sales) in its first week. His best sales week ever. So the Paisano’s Wylin-artist is doing well. Yesterday, even though Mineo is perceived as successful in the music industry, he decided to comment on something arguably plaguing musicians all over the world, music streaming services. Pretty cool right?

Mineo joked about how if he relied on music streaming services to make a living he might be better off working at a fast-food restaurant like Burger King.

Enters Wendy’s with a job offer.

Andy was interested in taking their offer but there was a catch, which was a lifetime deal that consisted of free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers (So Dope!).

Wendy’s might have lost their opportunity to join forces with one of hip-hop’s rising stars.

The man wants Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Not a Jr. Frosty! Andy didn’t respond to the Frosty curve.

Is there a partnership between Andy Mineo and Wendy’s brewing? Maybe there should be.

Real talk though, Mineo consistently enlightens a lot of music fans. Streaming music services are hurting many of the artists we love in some ways. Make sure you purchase albums or merchandise by your favorite artists so they can continue to make inspirational art.

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What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? LOL!

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