Artist: Von Won
Featured: Lil O, Lil Keke, Nuwine & Kiotti
Production: Bruce Bang
Album: One City Under God
Purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-city-under-god-feat-lil/id434284256
Release Date:
Label: Ayjlis Records/Island Def Jam Distribution
Hometown: Houston,TX
Website: www.vonwon.com
Bio/Notes: Von Won’s “One City Under God” single off his new “One City Under God” album is expected to take some heat from the Christian rap community. The new single features secular Houston artists, Lil O, Lil Keke, Nuwine & Kiotti. Lil O and Lil Keke are members of the Legendary screwed up click, Nuwine one of the most influential Christian rappers of all timed turned street rapper, and Kiotti now an on air personality for Houston’s 97.9 the box, 106 and Park freestyle champion and childhood friend of Von Won. There are many reasons to throw stones at the song before even hearing it, but I think we should all give it a chance and see the good in the ministry Von Won is trying to display. The bible says let everything that have breath give him praise, so these Houston artists are taking some time to give God praise for everything he has done in their lives.