La Mirada, CA (March 9, 2016) – The Urban Youth Workers Institute is proud to announce the acquisition of Jam the Hype, an Internet radio and media outlet for all that is happening in Christian urban culture. Jam the Hype has been known for its quality coverage of Christian urban news, events, and also curating the best music in the genre on its 24/7 radio stream. UYWI Chief Operating Officer Robert Aboites says, “This acquisition not only provides UYWI with the opportunity to reach more urban leaders, but as a media outlet that has a pulse on the beat of urban culture, Jam The Hype provides a way for UYWI to help our leaders better connect with the youth to whom they minister.” As part of the UYWI acquisition of Jam the Hype, media executive Derek Hoiem will also be moving over to manage the Internet broadcast division and assist UYWI with broad efforts that will help accomplish it’s mission to “Power the urban youth worker so that urban youth have the leaders and role models they need to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“There are clear demographic trends that indicate that Christian media must create new paths and lead the way in reaching new generations for Christ. UYWI is here to empower youth leaders through great training and resources to enable them to do just that,” says Derek Hoiem. UYWI has a mobile application that includes the “DKit” Discipleship Program featuring D.A. Horton, theologian and respected leader in the Christian urban movement. Both the UYWI app and Jam the Hype mobile apps will interoperate to provide the best content and resources for the urban youth worker that they can share with their youth constituents. Jam the Hype will cover current news, trends, music, and urban culture along with cross-posted content from UWYI’s broad network of pastors and youth leaders around the world.

UWYI’s annual National Conference will be held at Azusa Pacific University’s campus May 19-21 where around 2000 youth leaders around the world will gather to DisruptTheDarkness. The conference will feature a Jam The Hype Creative Arts Festival similar to SXSW® with music performances, film screenings, and contemporary art on display.  The conference will be broadcast live via video livestreaming at