The Rise album has been highly anticipated. It is the most recent work of one of Christian hip-hop’s veterans, Trip Lee. With its release, Trip Lee silenced rumors of any permanent hiatus. He also reminds audiences that his passion for God’s glory doesn’t take away from the excellence in his craft. His essential message is that all should “rise” and lift up the name of the Savior.

This is a song that is the epitome of Trip’s slogan, “built to brag.” The Reach Records veteran seamlessly weaves this message through the track. He gives a brief history of his life before Christ, and after he speaks on how he used to brag about himself, he speaks on how his perspective changed once he became a believer. At the end of the song, Trip tries to convince the listener of God’s greatness in comparison to man’s finite existence, showing that it is better to brag on the Lord instead of ourselves.

This bass-banging anthem is one of the high points of Rise. Manolo, featuring Lecrae, is a song about the word of God. Trip communicates how the word of God (the Bible) is a weapon of offense and defense. He speaks on how he uses it as a gun to protect himself from the lies of the enemy, and he uses it to come against the strongholds that exist in our fallen world. Christian hip-hop veteran and pioneer, Lecrae, speaks on his mission to spread the Gospel. His sixteen bars have undertones of the intense and grimy unashamed lyrics from days of old. This song is an awesome one to turn up with your friends. It’s bold, fun, and in your face. Manolo is a song that reminds Christian hip-hop listeners that the message of the 116 is still the same.

“You Don’t Know”
Trip Lee uses this song to show his contentment and joy in the Lord. He speaks on how he isn’t perfect but that he is pressing towards the mark. God has illuminated his heart and given Trip new desires to seek after him. The track is laced current Collision Records artist, Christon Gray. Gray’s vocals, along with the synthesizers in the background, create the smooth and chill feeling of the song.

“All Rise Up”
In this track, Trip beautifully wears his heart on his sleeve. In addition to the intro track, Trip Lee uses this song to communicate his heart for music and ministry. He tells his fans and listeners that his loyalty is solely to the mission of Jesus Christ. He communicates that he is willing to go where the Lord may lead him. The song is almost a charge because he is encouraging his fans to “rise” to the occasion in order to glorify God.

This is another fun track! When I heard it, all I could think of was a huge crowd of the unashamed believers going wild with excitement! Accompanied by the Wylin Paisano himself, Andy Mineo, Trip reminds his listeners that believers can have fun too!

Based off of one the most famous stories in the Bible, Lazarus is a metaphor that Trip Lee uses to describe his change from sinner to saint. With a hard hitting bass and the X-Hustler, Thi’sl, Trip unashamedly boasts in his Creator! He speaks on God’s power and how sin and death will never keep from Him what is His.

“Sweet Victory”
As if to tie a nice bow on a great gift, Trip wraps up his project with an encouraging reminder that we should put our hope in Christ! A great truth proclaimed in the Gospels, “The one who endures to the end will be saved,” is the central message of this song. Trip briefly speaks of his current physical disability but also reminds his listeners that he will continue to fight for his true joy in Jesus Christ. This final track of the album shows Trip Lee’s steadfast faith.

Anyone could enjoy this great album. There is a great blend of sounds in this project and the message of Trip’s heart is communicated clearly. He desires that all believers should “rise” in order to Glorify the Lord.