TJ Pompeo says that of all the messages that he shares on his album, he wants people to understand the biggest mistake he has made in his romantic relationships.

“I fell in love with the idea of love rather than falling in love with the woman herself. ‘I just want to be in love. I just want to have intimacy. I want to be romantic.’ I fell in love with the idea versus falling in love with her.”

He is aware that most of his fan base is composed of Christian hip-hop fans, and “this album is going to be something they’re not used to.” At the time of our interview, before his album’s release, he was unsure what his fans would think of his album and its focus on relationships and romance, but wants his fans to give the album a chance.

“Listen to it and listen deeper than just what you’re hearing in the lyrics. Listen to the heart behind it, the intentions and the story. Listen to the lessons that I learned and the things I took away from the relationships.”

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