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[column]TJ Pompeo wrote and recorded most of the album in his home studio in Atlanta, Georgia. There are no features on the album because TJ wanted the album to be totally from his perspective. “This whole album is really about me. It’s about my love story, so who better to tell it than me.” He produced ten of the twelve songs on the album himself; Courtney Orlando produced the other two.[/column]
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The album talks about his own story and experiences, but TJ believes that others can connect to it, especially those who may have had similar experiences to what he is describing.

“I feel like love is the most relatable topic you could ever talk about.”

“Collideoscope” is the first song on Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic. “A kaleidoscope is the thing that you look through and see the cool colors. It is one of those things where I wanted it to be a metaphor for ‘This is what our love could look like if we let these two world’s collide.’” He says relationships can be a beautiful joining of two different people, and wanted to describe what it is like when that happens.