So, over the past couple of weeks the #CHH community has been embroiled in a dialogue about what is now known as “the beef.”

This essentially started when Shai Linne released his track “Random Thoughts 3” where he shares his concerns about the direction of Christian Hip-Hop deviating from its roots, and the Kingdom of God in general. More specifically, fans online took to the Twittersphere regarding Shai Linne’s questioning of the direction of Reach Records overall. Shortly afterwards, Shai and KB from Reach Records met in person at the Legacy conference where they cleared the air. Then, Ruslan chimed in with a response track to Linne. We posted Derek Minor’s recent response to all of it, but now Ruslan’s track has been responded to by Hazakim, and both got somewhat personal. We are summarizing the timeline here for you, as news.

CHH Beef Timeline:

Shai Linne – Random Thoughts 3 (July 17, 2017)

When Shai Linne spit “Random Thoughts 3,” the CHH community began to go back and forth on what musical methods are right and wrong. Linne revealed how he felt about Reach Records’ shift to being less explicitly Christian. He says that Reach has caused confusion and he disagrees with some of their conclusions (Christian rapper vs. rapper who is a Christian debate?). Some feel like Shai Linne expressed himself in a proper way. Others disagree with Shai releasing this track. “Ichabod” off the ‘Still Jesus’ album has similar themes.

Ruslan – Random Thoughts 4 (July 22, 2017)

Ruslan felt like Shai Linne’s approach was immature. He feels like Linne is resorting to “50 Cent” tactics and is out of touch. Ruslan says that Shai must be confused about some Christian rapper’s point of views. The California-based emcee quotes Acts 17:16-32 to back up one of his views.

Derek Minor Addressing CHH Beef At Legacy 2017 (July 22)

Derek Minor decided to address “The Beef” at Legacy Conference 2017. He let the CHH community know that we have lost focus of the mission. Minor makes it clear that we need to get back to treating each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Derek Minor expressed that he is tired of all the petty games. The RMG-general believes we got more important things to handle than allowing minor differences to distract us.

Hazakim – Spare The Rod (Response To Ruslan)

Hazakim feels Ruslan disrespected Shai Linne. The duo feels that Ruslan is tripping and jumping into something that he has nothing to do with. This track is aggressive and many feel this beef is getting personal.

We will keep you updated.

BUT, here’s the deal. Hip-Hop has historically been a competitive sport. Dissing each other in tracks, and doing it publicly, has been a part of the culture. But handling these “beefs” publicly without a) going to the person face to face and b) bringing 2 or 3 others to go in love in case you didn’t listen the first time, is not the way Christians should handle things. The correct “brotherly” way of handling issues is well-documented in the Bible (Matthew 18:15, Col 3:12-14). We’ve largely stayed out of the fray on this whole conversation, other than posting Derek Minor’s thoughts on the issue. But given the latest direction, as right as some may feel, we wanted to step in and say “Timeout!”  If you have beefs with a brother, go to him. The Bible doesn’t say “Make tracks and put them on the internet.” So, #CHH cool it – you’re going to be OK. If you want to change things, be the change. If someone else is not doing it the way you think it should be done, then go to them IN PERSON and let it be settled, or agree to disagree. Then mind your own business and go change the world.


Hazakim has taken “Spare The Rod” off of YouTube. Ruslan and Hazakim are working through the situation. Below are posts from social media.

Progress! Pray.

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