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Husband, Father, Pastor, Artist, Producer, are just some words that describe Tim (timtwo) English. After pursuing a degree in music production and six years of music evangelism Tim decided to go into youth ministry.

After the release of his freshman album “Speaklife” in fall of 2011 he immediately began work on his second album “Supercalifragilisticexpialicrunkness” when asked why that album title he answered, “I tried to think of the word that best describes the music on this cd”.

Being a youth pastor for the last two years Tim has had the opportunity to be a part of a thriving ministry. Over the past 24 months they have seen over 300 salvations and continual growth. “I believe it’s a combination of two things; God has anointed this ministry, and music has infiltrated the situation”,Tim stated. “Students spend over 7 hours a day in media related entertainment, so I use the gift God has given me as a tool to take back some of those hours and use them for his glory” mentioned the artist.

You mentioned music production, how many projects have you worked on?
“over 50 different projects and 10 different genres over the past 6 years. From concept to completion is a term I like to use”

Being a producer and in music do you listen to secular music and how does that influence your music and production?
[laughing] that is a big conviction of mine.  I neither produce it or listen to it. I personally don’t believe it is needed to listen to secular music to influence people.  Just seek God and he will show you what to produce.  After all the word does say “flee from ALL appearances of evil” that’s not just evil but any thing that looks like it.

Have you worked with or ministered with any other known artists?
Yes I have worked and ministered on some of the same stages as Canton Jones, Grits, Seven, Mr. Del, K-drama, Matthew West, Jason Castro, Big Daddy Weave, Pocket Full of Rocks, Rush of Fools, and Abandon.  Of those artists, K-drama, Seven and M.A.P. Are featured on this album along with an up and comer Brandon Scarbrough.

Give us a little info about your new album releasing Nov. 9th 2012.
This album is more mature as far as production is concerned. You live and learn as they say. So with time comes experience and knowledge. As far as the music itself, it is more street, hood, and evangelistic in nature than Speaklife [1st album].  And like I mentioned K-drama, Seven, M.A.P. And other great ministers are on this album.  It will be available as of 11.09.12 on all major digital outlets as well as online radio stations.

If could leave us with one note what would it be?
Even white guys can get crunk! [laughing] On a serious note, Jesus is it. The way truth and life. Without a relationship with him, your life is never going to reach its full potential! Hey and hit me up on twiiter @timtwotherapper or facebook.com/timtwotherapper