Thi’sl is back to releasing music! The St. Louis, Missouri native released a single “Let’s Get to It” on Saturday, June 29th. It is his first release since June 2018 and fans are very excited to hear from him again!

In September 2018, Thi’sl was shot in an attempted armed robbery. The bullet that struck him broke his femur. Due to being armed, he was able to retailiate against the assailant, which he believes saved his life.

Since that time, he has made a miraculously quick recovery, exceeding the expectations of his doctors in how long it would take him to regain partial and full mobility. In May he posted to Instagram about how his doctor had previously told him that it would take his leg one-to-two years to fully heal, but it was fully healed in seven-and-a-half months.

In addition to healing his broken leg, Thi’sl has been working hard to improve his physical health. In an Instagram post last month he explained that he has lost 80 pounds, an incredible feat! Due to his weight loss, he has gone down three shirt sizes, lost eight inches from his waist, and lost 15% of his body fat! He said he did it all naturally by eating healthy and exercising.

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