“[I am] a musician, producer, all around music professional from Houston, Texas. I love what I do, I know that it’s a gift from God and I pursue it very hard.”

Nate Robinson, better known as theBeatbreaker recently released a new album, Heard Not Seen II, featuring Lecrae, Dre Murray, Derek Minor, and Sho Baraka, among many others.

In the album he wants to communicate two messages that are prevalent in all of his music. One of which is “to communicate what life looks like through someone who is following God and living life at the same time,” and the other message is that Robinson wants people to see that his music has no boxes in which it fits.

Heard Not Seen II is the sequel to Heard Not Seen, which was released in early 2015, and the name signifies his approach to music and his career.

“I really don’t desire to be out front at all. I want to make great music and I want to help artists make great music, and that doesn’t require any face time on my behalf.”

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