What is The Man Up Club?

The Man Up Club is a mentor leadership organization that empowers young black males to make positive life choices while preparing them for post-high school education via college or trade school. The Man Up Club offers these young men a safe place to build positive long lasting relationships with mentors, a brotherhood to congregate, as well as facilitated discussions about life challenges, family dynamics and dealing specifically with the issue of fatherlessness.

The Goal of The Man Up Club is to equip the young men and to prepare them to become valued competing members of society.


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Our Man Up Club program serves African American males age 13 to 24. The Man Up Club in collaboration with the City of Saint Paul engages youth in crisis in the Saint Paul and East Saint Paul area by providing mentoring sessions with professional adult role models and interacting one-on-one to create an atmosphere that encourages young men to recognize the significance of social responsibility, civic pride, and exhibit responsible behavior as they meet life‘s challenges to narrow the opportunity gap.

Our program participants receive a sit down dinner table nutritional meal during each weekly session. Each participant has opportunities provided to earn jobs and compensation occasionally. The young men also participate in life skills workshops in the area of financial management and budgeting in order to encourage civic responsibility, and to help understand the economics of life. Our program serves up to about 20 young black men per session, who are fatherless, or do not have positive adult role models in their lives.

We, The Man Up Club, also host outreach activities and events that allow participants to develop positive self-esteem and understand what it means to plan for success, build core values, and develop realistic goals and behavior that will allow them to realize their full potential. In addition, participants attend field trips outside of the Inner Saint Paul area.

The purpose is to connect youth with positive adult mentors, who share similar interests, understand life challenges, and how to achieve academically and professionally. Through this connection, and a multitude of guest speakers, youth will develop knowledge about what it takes to realize their full potential and avoid common obstacles that limit opportunities.

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