Cameron Moberg (a.k.a. Camer1), who has been a “resident” featured artist at the annual Jam the Hype festival in Los Angeles, has now launched a brand new Graffiti Studio in the heart of San Francisco.  The venue is called “The Canvas” and is made to be a place where anyone, and teams, and kids can come together and learn how to spray paint.

The Canvas offers you a space to get wild and creative with your next personal or professional outing, team building exercise, or kid’s party! Formerly the Hall, an acclaimed temporary food+drink+community venue in San Francisco, The Canvas is an events space that also serves as an outlet for your creative energy and pursuits. We’re partnering with renowned San Francisco street artist Camer1 to offer graffiti lessons, spray paint battles, games, and more.

The Canvas is located at 1028 Market Street, the site of a future mixed-use retail and residential project. Similar to its predecessor, the Hall, The Canvas is an interim use of the site, breathing creative life into a once vacant building before the development team breaks ground on the new project. The developers, War Horse and Tidewater Capital, envisioned and have executed a number of innovative activation strategies for the site since they acquired the property in 2013.

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About Cameron

Cameron “Camer1” Moberg’s art often has a theme of life, nature, positivity and spirituality. Growing up surrounded by concrete buildings and urban blight, Cameron wanted to contrast his surroundings by changing the mood of his community. Bringing nature in to a place where nature is lacking can often inspire and bring warmth to a cold, hard environment. Painting things of love and hope can often help someone make better decisions and continue persevering in hard times.

Cameron resides in San Francisco with his wife and two sons where he paints mural and canvases. He is heavily involved in his community teaching classes for all ages. He curates gallery shows and art festivals as his desire is to see other artists pursue their passion or art and business.