Artist: The Alpha Project (DJ 1 God & Excelsius)
Production: DJ Maestro 1
Album: DJ 1 God & Excelsius are The Alpha Project 
Purchase: December 1, 2009
Release Date: December 1, 2009
Label: Joined at the Hip Ministries
Hometown: Houston, TX

The Alpha Project consists of DJ 1 God & Excelsius.  These Houston, Texas based artists originally met in college while 1 God was a member of an up-and-coming secular rap group.  Excelsius hosted the hip-hop program at their college radio station and regularly invited 1 God’s group to participate in his weekly on-air “Freestyle Session”.

Fast forward a few years, 1 God & Excelsius crossed paths and reconnected.  Ex was in the process of recording his first full-length Christian rap album.  1 God and his group were making their rounds on the underground hip-hop scene in Houston.  During a conversation, Excelsius admitted he was having a tough time finding a comfortable recording studio.  It seemed like everywhere he went, the stench of drugs, sex or profanity-laced music overwhelmed the surroundings.  Not coincidentally, 1 God owned a recording studio where he insisted on only opening his doors to reputable clientele.  Soon after, the two agreed to work together.

After years of engineering Excelsius’ music, the seeds of truth stemming from those Christian rap songs brought forth some tangible fruit.  One evening after a recording session, 1 God confessed to a disturbing revelation.  He realized with the music he had previously put out, he could not in good conscience let his own kids listen to it.  He expressed hope in a new desire to “make music with a purpose.”  What 1 God did not know was that Ex had been praying for him ever since they started recording together several years earlier.  Excelsius told him that he’d need to get God’s Word in him before he’d have anything worthwhile to say.  1 God agreed to be discipled and today, the Alpha Project exists to advance the Kingdom of God.