SYD, formerly of the group La Familia Muzik becomes part of the SnackBar Sounds artist family.  Headed by the talented Mike “Verse” Mills who has discovered, invested, and launched many Hip Hop artists, he again proves his ability to pick new talent.  Having a sense of humor is always an asset as an artist, and SYD proves it in his creative video launching the crowdsourcing campaign for the album.  Independent labels are all aware of the need to raise capital through crowdsourcing, and SnackBar Sounds has been a reliable source for great music over and over again.  Give to SYD’s campaign and support a great artist, a great label, and get some cool stuff along the way.

About SYD

SYD – Recording artist and songwriter. Rapping is the name of this mans game and he does it for Jesus Christ. No doubt about it, he is a man of God!  From his birth in the Virgin Islands, Ahmed “SYD” Rogers has loved music. Moving to the United States when he was six years old sparked his interest in music even more. As a young kid he started a hip-hop group called The Bootleggers. His passion then was perfecting freestyling, but now is concentrating on songwriting to get his message across.

SYD is a member of Spring Blessing Church in Haines City, Florida. He is also currently attending Bible College to further his mission for Pastoring in the future.  Formerly signed to La Familia Muzik, he released two albums, “Pressure” in 2007 and “The Hunger’s Back” in 2008. SYD has been a part of many shows and concerts performing along side artists such as Lecrae, k-Drama, Cross Movement and many others. After taking a hiatus from music to do more preaching, SYD has been called to return to music once again as a worldwide recording artist for Snack Bar Sounds Music Label.

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About SnackBar Sounds

Snack Bar Sounds was founded by Mike “Verse” Mills in January 2006 as The Snack Bar Studio. The Snack Bar was a project studio put together to record vocals for La Familia Muzik and various local artists.

In October 2007, Snack Bar Productions was officially founded. Snack Bar Productions specialized in recording, mixing, and beatmaking.

In January 2008 the name Snack Bar Sounds was cemented as the company’s brand. Snack Bar Sounds now specializes in all aspects of music including production, beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

Now starting in April 2013, Snack Bar Sounds is venturing out as a music label. Verse states, “I have dreamed of running a music label since my teenage years, now it is a reality. I am building this label on integrity and respect for the art of music. Snack Bar Sounds is focused on bringing Christian urban music to the world.”

Stay tuned for the future of Snack Bar Sounds, 2015 and beyond.