Jay Harris, the creator and designer for Straight & Nrrw clothing just announced via email today that, after a long hiatus, his famous and well-loved brand is back.

Long admired as one of the best and cutting-edge urban Christian clothing brands, Straight & Nrrw had to close its doors back in 2014. Straight & Nrrw was the first brand to actually launch a retail store, which was located in Jacksonville, Florida. When their building lease came up, Jay and his wife decided to focus on their growing family with 10(!) kids. Also, as a result of having the store, they launched a new church called “The Ville”. Since then the church has been growing and they decided to bring the brand back to help support the church. All the proceeds go to the church. From their website, they say, “All (yes, all) proceeds from S&N sales will go to the support of The Ville and its vision “to see the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church treasured in our neighborhood”. The S&N brand responds to 2 important challenges The Ville faces in moving forward. It helps us reach our financial goals to bring the mission and vision about. It helps build relationships by giving us proximity in our community, especially with the youth. Our goal after launching the brand is to open another Clubhouse / retail location in our neighborhood where Brentwood youth can hang out, learn, grow, and build community.”

We look forward to all that’s ahead for the brand. Go and support them and shop at their store!