4 Against 5 artist Steven Malcolm is going on the Tag Team Tour with up-and-coming artists Mark the Bad Guy and Maddie Rey from the second half of July to the end of August. The tour was announced last month and is sponsored in part by Jam The Hype!

Malcolm is known for his energy on stage and the concert is sure to impress all who attend. There are thirteen tour dates* across nine states in the eastern U.S. Some of the shows are free while others feature generous ticket prices ranging from ten to fifteen dollars.

  • July 22nd – Fernandina Beach, Florida
  • July 25th – Waukegan, Illinois
  • July 26th – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • July 28th – Columbus, Ohio
  • August 2nd – West Palm Beach, Florida
  • August 3rd – Newark, Delaware (listed as nearby Philadelphia, PA on graphics)
  • August 10th – Fort Mill, South Carolina (listed as nearby Charlotte, NC on graphics)
  • August 11th – Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 16th – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • August 18th – Framingham, Massachusetts
  • August 28th – Glen Saint Mary, Florida
  • August 30th – Belle Glade, Florida
  • August 31st – Orlando, Florida

Three of the Tag Team Tour dates will not include Maddie Rey: July 22nd in Fernandina Beach, Florida, August 2nd in West Palm Beach, Florida and August 3rd in Newark, Delaware. Rey first collaborated with Malcolm for her 2018 single, “Don’t Sleep On Me.”

Check out Steven Malcolm’s newest music video for his song “On the Move” from his most recent album, The Second City.

Get tickets to the Tag Team Tour here! *Event dates listed on social media vary from dates listed on Malcolm’s website where tickets are available for purchase.

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