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Artist: S.o.Grey (Shade of Grey)
Production: S.o.Grey
Release Date:
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Bio/Notes: Singing since the age of 3 and writing since the age of 9 Nadine Grey (Shade of Grey) is an Indie artist who sings, writes and produces most of her music. She knows that any gift she has been given straight from her Father in heaven and she demonstrates this through many genres such as Gospel, Contemporary Christian Hip Hop and R&B. With a song in her heart, she feels that the full potential to a gift cannot be recognized unless it is shared with others. S.o.Grey continues to praise her Lord and share the gospel, always keeping her motto in mind: “I’ll chase the dream until it starts chasing me. My interpretation of music is much more than my love for harmonious art; It is the fingerprint of my soul.”