The Sophomore LP Release Will Hit All Major Digital Outlets On November 3, 2015

TAMPA, FLGuinness World Record holder Samantha “Sicily” Bennardo will release her sophomore full-length project, Problems, this fall on November 3, 2015 through all major digital outlets and in limited physical quantities. This will also be the debut release for her newly formed record label, Run With Zeal Records.

“The purpose of this project is to start healthy dialogue between believers and nonbelievers and how they deal with their problems and where their hope lies,” Sicily shares. Paraphrasing Romans 5:3-4, Sicily states, “Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope.  Problems are situations engineered by God to bring us face to face with our deficiencies so that we might view His sufficiency as the only alternative.”

Sicily’s most recent project was her free EP, Fighter, which featured names such as V.Rose, KJ-52, Jasmine Le’Shea, and more. The current Tampa native, however, hasn’t released a full project since October 2007s The Goddaughter.

Sicily explains, “I really wanted to mature and grow as a Christian. In 2010 and [2011], I went through really bad depression as well, questioning my purpose in life and what God has for me and where I fit in the Body of Christ.”

In the coming weeks, the album will be exclusively available for pre-order on iTunes and include the title track, “Problems,” as an instant download. For more information, follow Sicily’s social media accounts @SicilyRWZ or Run With Zeal Records’s website at

About Sicily
Sicily is a Brooklyn-born and Tampa-grown multi-talented and gifted artist, freestyler, graphic designer, and producer. Although having been influenced by music at an early age, it wasn’t until her high school years that she found Christ and no longer wanted to live for herself. In 2011, Sicily won the inaugural Beat Battle and in 2014, she broke a Guinness World Record for the longest team freestyle along with KJ-52, Jerrell Johnson, Isaac Knox, Heir Jordan, Rubox, and Jabo. Musically, she’s collaborated with artists such as KB, KJ-52, V.Rose, and even featured on Thi’sl’s Gurl Code compilation. Currently, Sicily is co-owner of Run With Zeal Records and slated to release her album, Problems, this fall. Follow Sicily on all her social media @SicilyRWZ.

About Run With Zeal Records
Run With Zeal Records is a Tampa-based label formed in early 2015 and led by co-owners Samantha “Sicily” Bennardo and Jonathan Long. Having met at the same local Bible Study, they developed a friendship that eventually led them to building a studio at their church, which would help launch the label. With inspiration coming from Hebrews 12:1-2, their passion is to encourage believers to run the race that is set before them and encourage nonbelievers that there is hope. Follow Run With Zeal Records on all their social media @RunWithZeal and their website at