DC area Christian-rapper, Shyne On Me hopes to make a name for himself not only in gospel rap but the conscious hip hop scene in general. Growing up in southeast DC, Shyne On Me has a story to tell like none other. Faced with the troubles of his environment the young artist acts as a living and breathing testimony that God can use whomever He pleases to spread the gospel!

The artist displays the struggles he’s encountered with lust, money, and remaining steadfast in his faith. Overwhelmed with a lifestyle consumed with fornication, drug abuse and alcoholism amongst other things, Shyne On Me turned to Christ for restoration and deliverance, and submitted his life to the building of the Kingdom.

Shyne on Me’s voice is a great blend of heart and grime, of struggle and toughness, of growth and endurance, that can at the drop of a hat, switch into a soulful, gospel/blues infused tone as he also sings. Shyne on Me is a commanding presence on the mic, with a gripping voice and nimble flow that allow his message-filled rhymes to envelop listeners and demand their attention.  He has an intense desire to see God lifted up and glorified. In addition to testifying about his trials, he offers a glorious message of hope and the inexplicable peace that comes as a result of submitting his self and his entire life to God.

Twitter: @shyne_on_medc
IG: ShyneOnMeDC