Artist: MOG Showtime
Production: Dominion The Label
Album: Parables of a New Creature
Release Date: March, 6th 2010
Label: Dominion The Label

As an artist of the gospel, he uses rap as a tool to reach and teach those who are thursty for more in life. His goal is to be an example of Christ to all people thru his life. Showtime feels that “there is a lost, hurting, and forgotten generation of people who needs to be found, healed and remembered.” As a strong believer in the Word, and Voice of GOD yokes will be broken. “We have to stop fighting today’s battles with yesterday’s weapons.” He serves a GOD that doesn’t discrimminate.
     Showtime has been on the front-line for the Lord ministering at various churches, youth concerts, secular clubs, out-reach and community events etc. He goes as the creator has him to go. He put out a mix-tape early 2009 called (Tough Love). This project has blessed people all over the world. Now he is ready to release the highly anticipated first album of his career called (Pearables of a New Creature).

     This man of GOD became rooted in the Lord at Kingdom Life Church in Baltimore MD. Showtime is a man that listens to the voice of the Lord. After diligently serving in ministry, evangelizing, giving of his time, money, and sacrificing self, GOD has elevated him to do ministry full-time. The word of GOD says that {a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways}. He has answered the call and will be doing his fathers business. Going into the new decade, GOD has given M.O.G. a great vision for the music industry, world, and the body of Christ. He has established a record label called DOMINION. The Lord has givn him 4 scriptures to have as foundation and identity.
. I am in the business of saving souls, and my boss takes very good care of me. I look forward to networking with people who have a genuine love for my music ministry. AMEN!!!