Today (February 8), the CHH community was buzzing about Christian bookstore chain LifeWay Christian Resources removing Sho Baraka’s album titled ‘The Narrative’ from their shelves.

According to The Washington Post, the project was pulled from stores because “Piano Break, 33 A.D.” contained an anatomical reference (the word penis is used in the song). Baraka said the song is about his past failures to live life monogamously and the anatomical note wasn’t profane in context.

Baraka, who was once part of Lecrae’s Reach Records label, said he upset LifeWay customers by including the anatomical reference in his album. – The Washington Post

LifeWay has a double standard being other products in their stores use anatomical references like “Sheet Music,” a sex manual for Christian couples. Sho sees LifeWay’s recent action as proof of something deeper than language.

The Washington Post article gave a solid breakdown (including quotes from Sho Baraka) of important details pertaining to this situation and Sho’s frustrations with white evangelicals and political conservatism. Read it HERE.

What are your thoughts on LifeWay’s decision?

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