Billboard-charting emcee, Sho Baraka, has launched a movement that a lot of Christians have waited for. A movement that might help politically conflicted believers. Sho challenges the mindset of those who believe you have to separate biblical values from social justice. In other words, the idea that you have to push for pro-life policies & the biblical family unit OR social justice. Why not be an advocate for both? This could be a game changer. Enters the AND Campaign.

A movement that doesn&039;t separate Biblical values from Social Justice. theandcampaign!

Posted by Sho Baraka on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hello Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Sho Baraka and I’m contacting you on behalf of the AND Campaign. I am joined with a group of leaders, pastors, and thinkers around the nation including, Dr. Carl Ellis, Karen Ellis and Attorney Justin Giboney to reassert ourselves into America’s political & cultural arena.

We (young urban Christians) refuse to settle for civic & community engagement that forces us to either neglect our compassion or surrender our convictions. From mass incarceration to the right to life, it’s time to engage in advocacy that better reflects the love & truth of the Gospel.

Join Christian thinkers, strategists and artists on Saturday, February 27th, as we map out a path to New Thinking, New Engagement, & New Politics. The next movement begins here….The AND Campaign.

Register for tickets at the door or get your free tickets here –

The AND Campaign officially launches on February 27 at 6:00pm in Atlanta, Georgia (Blueprint Church). Information is in the flyer below.


Follow Sho Baraka and the AND Campaign on Twitter: @AndCampaign @AmIshoBaraka

In other Sho Baraka-related news, ‘The Introduction of Louis Portier’ (a collaborative project by Sho and James Portier) is finished. More information on his forthcoming album should be coming soon.

Solutionary Sho Baraka is out here making moves.

Some info on Baraka:

Educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, Amisho studied Television/Film, Anthropology and English. He has become a philosopher, academic, activist, artist, and deep thinker in contemporary culture. He has spent 7 years traveling as a recording artist and public speaker. He has done numerous activist works overseas ranging from Race relations in South Africa to establishing musical co-horts in Indonesia. He now desires to blend his artistic platform with his academic leanings to contribute a unique perspective in both arenas in hopes of raising the standard, thereby raising the culture.

What are your thoughts on the AND Campaign? Are you down or na?

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