Many reports saying Kanye West is a born again Christian are coming out. His Sunday services and upcoming album titled ‘Jesus Is King’ adds fuel to the fire. Shuree Rivera, creative director at Urban Youth Workers Institute, wrote an article on Kanye West and his faith on Jam The Hype. Read it HERE. West has been a hot topic in the CHH community to say the least.

Lyrical theologian and CHH legend, shai linne, shared some thoughts on the Kanye West hype.

Praying that what may be going on w/ Kanye is real. And that he’ll take time to sit & learn Christ rather than be thrust into leadership. The thorny ground of deceitfulness of riches can make it harder for those w/ worldly status. But the Lord knows those who are His. – shai linne

What are your thoughts on shai linne’s tweet?

Linne is a Billboard-charting hip-hop artist and Pastor, who is considered a leader within the Christian Hip-Hop community. He has released classic albums like ‘The Solus Christus Project,’ ‘Storiez,’ and more. In 2018, he dropped a children’s book called ‘God Made Me and You.’

Check out his website for more info:

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