Artist: Sean Grant
Album: Independence Day Mixtape vol.1
Release Date: May 14th, 2010
Label: Freedom Music Group
Hometown: South Florida
Bio/Notes: Sean Grant has a vision for the entertainment industry that matches global industry-takeovers such as P. Diddy and Kanye West. With a variety of titles, including songwriter, rapper, spoken word artist, film producer, and graphic designer to name a few, it’s a given that he has been called to reach the masses. Sean was born in Chicago, and was raised in Florida. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2006 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and has since been shocking the world with his power-house vision.
Sean got his start in media & entertainment in 2003 when he became a member of Destinations, the nationally known hip-hop & spoken word show that started in 2001. He joined the team as a spoken word artist, but quickly sought to cultivate his craft in the areas of songwriting, rapping, and producing. Sean’s vision and heart for Destinations eventually put him in the role as the leader of the ministry in May of 2006 and since then he has remained passionate about bringing out the best in every artist on the team.
2005 was a big year of beginnings for Sean. He began working on his first project as an artist and released his first album, titled “Daddy’s Boy.” He featured other spoken word artists on this album to expose the gifts of not only himself, but other artists around him. Most importantly in 2005, Jaidot Media was born. A true visionary, Sean envisioned a media company that would establish incomparable quality in the Christian entertainment world. From that vision, he saw the areas of focus being radio, music, fashion, and graphic design.
In 2006, the vision of Jaidot grew larger when Sean partnered up with a friend from college, Ryan Moore. They named themselves the Trackstarz and created The F.I.E.L.D. (Focused Intention to Edify Lyrical Disciples) Radio Show. Known as Ryan Righteous and Seantana on the radio, they describe themselves simply as “two men on a mission to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.” Their natural chemistry shines on air and keeps its audience always wanting to be “in the mission field with the Trackstarz.”
In 2007, Destiny Style Records (distributed through WEA – Warner Electra Atlantic) signed Sean and 4 other artists to their record label to form the Destinations recording team. The signed Destinations artists have been consistently writing, recording, and producing songs to prepare for their first national album release.
Sean credits God for every opportunity he has been given to share his vision with the world. He has been privileged to perform with Destinations in front of an audience of thousands at Passion 2007 in Atlanta, a movement that houses renowned artists such as Chris Tomlin and the David Crowder Band. Sean’s creed, you could say, has always been to “take everyone on the journey.” When a door is opened for him, a door is opened for the people around him to explore opportunities for themselves. He keeps nothing to himself and stays motivated with a humble mindset. Sean enjoys volunteering with The Real Majority Club (an abstinence program for public schools). He is a member of Destiny Metropolitan Church, under the leadership of Dr. Bryan E. Crute. As he continues to conquer the industry in giant steps, his goals include being a dream financer where he can give generously to the needs of others, and cultivating his company to be strong in all areas of media, arts, and entertainment.