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Artist: Royalty “Son of the King”
Production: Matt  Big Beatz” Franklin
Album: From the Streets to the Kingdom
Release Date: 6/5/2010
Label: StrongCord Music Inc.
Hometown: Indianapolis,Ind
Website: artist site
Bio/Notes: Jaun Bennett Sr. a.k.a. (Royalty) Son of da King, was born on the eastside of Indianapolis,Ind. He lived in the Brightwood area til he was 8yrs of age, then his mother moved him to Blackburn Terrace apts. better known as Baltimore projects or (Da Balt) One of his first songs, Neva, was an testimony inspired by some of the hardship and pain he went through growing up in the heart of one of the worst projects in Naptown. Desiring the wealth that the wicked possessed,he began stealing, which led to him being initiated into a gang in only the 7th grade. He was involved in alot of sports growing up through middle school and high school which kept him a lil occupied, but eventually the fast life started calling him and he dropped out of high school in only the tenth grade and started getting schooled by da streets by selling drugs, which led to many near death experiences,marion county jail, and many things he regrets to this day. . He believe’s that gospel rap should not be a tool to glorify self, but to preach someone’s soul into salvation! So he doesn’t call his ministry gospel rap, he calls it gospel soul music. With his strong passion for souls he continues to minister not just on the mic but on every block and in every hood unto the streets cry out what must I do to be save!