In June he released his newest album, Death Before Love. It “is really just me opening up about my life and letting people peer in to who I am as a person and an artist. Over the last season of my life I was really challenged to return to the simplicity of the gospel. Loving God, loving others.” He is honest about his struggles, not pretending to be perfect. “I don’t wake up every day with a burning desire to say, ‘man, I want to spend an hour in prayer today! I can’t wait!’” He also wanted to show that Jesus’ command to followers to take up their cross is part of that.

“I want to challenge people that don’t know Christ to listen to my story, to listen to the gospel and be open to it and then I want to challenge the church to rise up. There’s so much darkness around and we’re called to love others.”

“Dream On” featuring Deraj and Paulo Clayton was the first song on Death Before Love with a music video. “Dream On is one of my favorite songs because it is about going after whatever God is calling you to, regardless of the odds. God doesn’t call us to easy stuff. He calls us to do the impossible and the only way we’re gonna do it is through him.”