This is the first single from the new album that Roy Tosh is currently working on!

(Verse 1) – Roy Tosh
Never thought I’d get to open up for Lecrae,
Travelin’ from the gulf up through the states
Had a dream of rockin’ the mic at Flavor Fest,
Shotout to Crossover yeah I’m feelin’ blessed
Never thought I’d end up livin’ in the O
Recording with Benjah in his studio
Down to Miami, up to Indiana,
Down to St. Kitts, I was taking panorama’s
This is so incredible, see ya’ll don’t understand
I was living for myself but my God had other plans
Prepared in advance so ya boy would walk in em’
If you gotta dream, you can do it too – walk with Him

(Hook) – Paulo Clayton
I’ve been feeling like no one can take me out this zone,
I had a dream like MLK, you know we all belong
Dream on (3x)
Dream on (3x)

(Verse 2) – Deraj
I remember tryna’ write raps like my brotha,
Flowin’ on the track before the road hit the rubber,
Stayin up late, makin’ beats at the crib
Losin’ mad sleep yo it is what it is
Never seemed to stop all the dreams that I had
Seeing cats on stages like, you can do that
You can change one mind with one of your raps
and focus on what you got, not what you don’t have and
Learn to be true, and learn to be you
And try to do the things you thought that you couldn’t do,
Even if you can’t, it’s better if you try
Cause dreams are a blessing, don’t ever let em’ die


(Verse 3) – Roy Tosh
I been workin’ hard till the sun falls low,
Following His lead as I’m tryna’ set goals,
Flame in these bones, won’t stop till I’m gone
It started with a passion to reach one more
Never thought my music would ever be heard
So this is for my people in the streets to the burbs,
No musical background I was lost
With my faith in my God, watch me beat all these odds
Giving people hope off in the jail cells
Forget what you heard, Jesus saves in the wild
This world wanna box me in, make me a clone
But I jumped out the boat, and now I’m dreamin’ on

(Hook) 2x

(Outro) – Paulo Clayton
I will never let it go,
Don’t you ever let it go

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