Artist: Ricky B (Kurtis Blow and The Trinity)
Album: Just Do It
Release Date: 2008
Label: Indie
Website: https://www.myspace.com/rickybhiphop
Bio/Notes: In a world where Hip Hop often equates to sex, drugs and money, Frederick “Ricky B.” Burchell is a beacon of light. He is one member of the Hip Hop community that’s truly making a conscious effort to bring hope to the rap music genre. As a rapper/producer, Ricky B. uses his music to promote righteous lifestyles, biblical truths, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion for the youth, however, stretches far beyond the studio. This rapper/producer has spoken at schools and national youth conferences, as well as television and radio stations all across the country. Ricky B. and co-host Terrance “4Given” Carlton also host a television show called Mix Masters Lounge, which debuted in 2003 on Steelroots TV/INSP. Ricky B. has also spent time in front of the camera while co-staring in the Perception Film release, Objects of Wrath, where he played an ex-con named Jamal. Despite his acting experience, Ricky B. has always had a heart for music. However, it wasn’t until 1998 that he released his first solo album, The Calling on D-Fusion Music/Broken Records. This CD was no splash in the pan. The single “Stand Up 4 Tha Faith” held the No. 1 spot for seven weeks on the Christian Rap Charts, Joyful Noize. In the spring of 1999, Ricky B. became the first Christian rap artist to tour the Philippines. Following his record breaking tour, the rapper recorded his second album, The Fish-a-men on Kamikazee Records. In addition to his solo projects, Ricky B. has teamed up with the gospel group V3 to record the song “We Should Praise Him” for the EMI Gospel release Praise Life Beyond 1.0. Yet, it was his collaboration with 4Given on the albums entitled, Somethin’ U Ain’t Heard B4, and Unstoppable, that proved to be most successful. The collabo snagged them a Holy Hip Hop Award and a nomination for the Urban Gospel Alliance’s Best New Artist. Their highly-anticipated third release, If God B4 Us is in stores now and expected to well exceed the success of the previous projects. Another successful collaboration is the recently released debut album Just Do It from Ricky B., Hip Hop legend and pioneer Kurtis Blow, and Louisville, KY recording artist Chris Flow. The three masterminds have come together to form a new super group called “The Trinity,” and will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the Holy Hip Hop community. Whether as a solo artist, producer or T.V. personality, Ricky B. says he’s determined to make a difference. “My mission is simple, change lives, and leave a legacy” If you are interested in booking Ricky B. please email booking@b4entertainment.com