Renaissance Movement Music artists Sinai, Legin and Mike Bell come with lyricism, honest transparency, a little humor, and true to the camp’s style, challenging many things in pop and religious culture with the goal of providing a better outlook for their listeners.

Mixed by DJ I Rock Jesus, hosted by JB Harrison of Bootleg and B Sides Radio (BBR), appearances by Swift, Jay Harris and more, this is sure to be one to ride with straight through.

Track List:

  1. Intro (feat. Jay Harris & JB)
  2. Used To (Lil Wayne Remix) (feat. Legin)
  3. Dirty Water (Lecrae Remix) (feat. Mike Bell, Legin & Sinai)
  4. Round the Clock (Tink Remix) (feat. Sinai & Legin)
  5. Interlude 1 – JB
  6. Face Low (Usher Remix) (feat. Sinai)
  7. Insecure (Halo Hitz) (feat. Legin)
  8. Throne of Lies (feat. Mike Bell & Legin)
  9. No Perfect Zone (Only Remix) (feat. Sinai, Mike Bell, Swift & Legin)
  10. Interlude 2 – JB
  11. Pretty Thangz (Digital Beatz) (feat. Mike Bell)
  12. I Love You (Will “Juice” Thomas) (feat. Legin)
  13. Butterflies (feat. Mike Bell & Michael Jackson)
  14. My Rose (feat. Sinai)
  15. Interlude 3 – JB
  16. Jesus take the Wheel (Digital Beatz) (feat. Mike Bell)
  17. Legacy (Catch Me If You Can Remix) (feat. Legin)
  18. 66 God (Drake Remix) (feat. Legin)
  19. No Fear (Busta Rhymes Remix) (feat. Sinai)
  20. Apparently (J Cole Remix) (feat. Mike Bell & Dorrall Price)
  21. Interlude 4 – JB
  22. Product of the Projects (Cannon Remix) (feat. Sinai)
  23. Rap gods (Eminem Remix) (feat. Mike Bell)
  24. Reign Over (Trend setterz) (feat. Mike Bell, Sinai, Legin & Dorrall Price)
    Outro – JB
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