Question: Why talk about STD’s on a christian website?
Answer: Because many christians are having sex “outside” of marriage!!!

Now let’s keep it moving!!!

In the ’60’s, gonorrhea was treated with penicillin. Eventually the disease built up a resistance to the drug. By the ’70’s, penicillin was ineffective, so doctors switched to tetracyclines as a weapon. When gonorrhea beat that, scientist began using flouroquinolenes. Two weeks ago, the World Health Organization proclamed that mankind’s last line of defensive drugs (cephalosporins), have been breached by an untreatable strain of gonorrhea first discovered in Japan (whew!!! @ least they aint blame Africa on this one LOL).

If gonorrhea becomes untreatable, the symptoms are: Infertility, Genital Sores, Miscarriages, Eye infections in newborns the have a 50% rate of causing blindness, Cervix & Rectal infections, Bleeding & an increased risk of contracting the H.I.V virus.

So if spiritual and moral reasoning doesn’t move you, from a biological point of view, you might not want play Russian roulette with your body. As wonderful as sex feels, “AINT NOBODY SEX THAT GOOD TO LOOSE YOUR LIFE FOR IT!!!!”

So pray for my strength, and I’ll pray for yours!!!

And as they say in Jamaica, “Take care darling, walk good”

LOVE  Y’ALL!!!!!

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