As we’re bombarded with celebrity sightings, sensational journalism and the 11 o’clock news. While we gear-up for the 2012 NBA Playoffs, let’s not lose focus upon daily events destine to forever change our lives. 

WHAT THE MEDIA ISN”T TELLING YOU, is that beginning this month, a new club launched. No, not another strip-club. I’m talking about the “BERLIN CLUB”. Germany, along with 10 other nations(Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain), have been convening in Brussels to create a new “SUPER” presidential post to lead the world’s greatest trading bloc, the European Union. 

The new post would merge the 3 top positions in the Union. These post are currently the EU Council President(Herman Van Rompuy, EU Commission President(Jose Manuel Barroso) & EU High Representative(Katherine Ashton). 

These may not be the 10 nations mentioned in the Revelation 17 prophecy, since Daniel 2 implies that the 10 nation combine will be composed of 5 nations from western Europe, and 5 from the East. 

However, the focal point of this article is the political “beast” that these 10 kings will serve. The creation of such a powerful post would undoubtedly prepare the way for the man who is prophesied to rule. This political beast together with a “religious” beast(Pope) will soon have dominion over the world’s economy. “TOGETHER” they will dictate economic policies, murder untold millions and hunt “Christians”. 

Let us who dwell in the light continue to fight for the souls in darkness. Let us stop stabbing one another and move forward in love so that the world may know that we are Christ’s disciples. 


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