Image-1With Thanksgiving approaching, Rectify Music has created a “Feed The City” tour series that will be coming to three cities from central to south Florida.

Coral Springs, Port Saint Lucie, and West Palm Beach, FL will host the event over the course of three days (November 21, 22, and 23, 2014), reaching out to several counties. Admission is free and each attendee has the option to bring a can of food, centralizing our theme for this tour, and every can collected will be donated accordingly to those in need for the holiday.

The artists comprising Rectify have generously donated their talents to aid in this such as the spoken word and poetic abilities of Will Fonch, the high octane energetic presence of Victor Cornelius, the passion and strength in the voice of 1Born, to the melodic worship of Faith and Breeze The Voice. Every element you can think of will be brought to its fullest potential!

SERGE, Miami’s CHH artist of CTF Records and billboard-charting songwriter is also taking this journey with us. The majority of artists mentioned have been featured heavily on various media sites this year and they all are harboring fiery hearts with a burning desire to serve.

This cypher below was rigorously generated by five of Rectify’s (@rectifymusicgroup) artists to promote our Feed The City (#FTCTour14) campaign.

  • Raj Parker (@MrRajParker)
  • Will Fonch (@willfonchtv) (Who was in the 2014 Legacy Conference 16 Bar Challenge vs. Oscar Urbina)
  • 1Born (@whois1born)
  • Loe Vale
  • TK

Will you help us “Feed The City?”