In a stunning move, Reach Records signs its first female artist, Wande Isola. Christian hip hop has generally not given a lot of airtime to female artists. Wande is well-loved in the CHH scene for a while and so she seems to be a great first step for the team and industry overall. Not only did they sign her but the immediately released a new single.

About Wande

Wande is a hip hop artist with the power to inspire. Her infectious personality and raps effortlessly leave a lasting impression, growing her fanbase with each new listener. 

Being a woman in a male dominated field, she doesn’t view it as a hinderance, but rather than a way to empower more women to be bold and go after their goals. 

She uses her youthful spirit to encourage the world to enjoy life, pursue their purpose, and explore faith.

Being born in Nigeria and raised in Texas, she doesn’t stray away from culture, implementing it into her style and music. 

Overall she’s one of a kind and a strong force in the next generation of Hip Hop.