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Christian Hip Hop legend Ras aka Lil Raskull is allowing Jam The Hype to premiere his project titled My Fave Five which will be available to the general public on June 1. The collection of records consists of unreleased material and some of Ras’ favorite tracks.

Ras’ is a Dove Award-nominated emcee who has worked with artists like Pettidee, Rawsrvnt, L.G Wise, and Nuwine, among others. Lyricists like Tedashii and Dre Murray have given him props for his contribution to the Christian Hip Hop movement. On November 26 of 2013, Ras released his 5ft Mogul mixtape.

All songs written and performed by “Delbert “RAS” Harris” except “Amazing” featuring D-Rek & “Head Up High” All Star Mix featuring Rawsrvnt and The Freshmen

  • “Set it Off” music was produced by Clint “Halo” Lightfoot
  • “Amazing” & “Black Car No Rims” music was produced by Reginald “Uncle” Boudreaux for 803 Music Group
  • “Head Up High” All Star Mix music was produced Curt “CurtBeatz” Bradford for Abundance Music Group
  • “Keep You” music was produced by Mr. “Phoefire” Robinson

All songs mixed by James Hoover for HooverSound except “Amazing” and “Black Car No Rims” mixed & mastered by Uncle Boudreaux for 803 Music.

“Head Up High” video shot and edited by Factor Effects

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