“Quinten Coblentz is a Jesus follower who loves music and has an instinctive need to create.”

The Hartville, Ohio native had a very early start when it came to music. His parents had musical talents and put him in piano lessons at age seven. At age eleven, Coblentz started playing piano in church: he also started playing guitar.

Before his early teens, he had only listened to Christian Contemporary Music. “I saw Lecrae’s music video for Jesus Musik, and I watched that over and over [again.]”

The first hip-hop album he ever bought was Lecrae’s 2006 album, After the Music Stops. “That whole summer I had it on constant repeat.” In the late 00s, Coblentz started learning more about Christian hip-hop and listening to more artists.

In high school, he started making beats. “It definitely changed the way I approached music.” Having been a guitar and piano player, the digital elements of hip-hop production opened up a new musical world to Coblentz. “It’s such a cool and different way of expression musically than what I had grown up on.”

After growing more confident in his production abilities, he began to experiment with writing lyrics and recording. At the end of high school, he wanted to pursue a career as a music producer and engineer. “That was really what I thought my lane was. I started writing and recording songs as just a hobby.”

Now age twenty-five, Quinten Coblentz is a recording artist signed to RMG Amplify and recently released an EP titled We. “We were not designed to do life alone. I think Satan thrives on isolation: when we are isolated from other people and think that we have to figure everything out on our own.”

He wants to express that people need community with others to live to its fullest, saying, “God designed us that way.”

We’s introductory song, “Lonely + Safe” is inspired by how he has transitioned from a high schooler to an adult. “People move away. People get married. People pursue different lanes and careers. All of a sudden, you start to look back [and think] ‘Oh, wow. Where did all my friends go?'”

Having known that these changes would be inevitable, “instead of looking and investing in new friendships to replace that, I found myself feeling a little jaded.” Coblentz struggled with doubts that if he made new friends, they would end up leaving, just like his old ones. “When I had to be honest with myself, I was doing that to protect myself. I’m safe, sure. Nobody is going to hurt me in this state that I’m in, but I’m also lonely.”

Reflecting upon his thoughts, he knew that he should not avoid making friends for this reason. “If you try to live life alone, you’re just going to miss out on so much. I don’t want to miss out.”

“From the Roof” features YB, whom Coblentz describes as “such a great brother. YB is the kind of guy who will hit me up out of the blue and be like, ‘Hey man, how are you doing today? How can I pray for you?'” Producing all of his music, Coblentz described the moment he realized that this would be a great song. “It just clicked. The beat was there, and I was like, ‘Ah, this is so good.'”

The song is a declaration of the artists being unashamed of their faith. “Jesus is the king. I’m going to shout it from the roof.”

The EP continues with “Too High,” featuring Toronto, Canada artist Dru Bex. “We actually made an EP together that the world hasn’t heard.” Having decided together not to release the project, Coblentz took one of its songs for his EP. “When I put it out, it did really well.”

“When you look back, you can see how far God has brought you already and everything He has brought you through. It’s like, ‘No, I’m not gonna give up now because I know God has got me.'” It was inspired in part by the Psalms, many of which speak on the same subject.

“Sky Falls Down” speaks about Coblentz commitment to his wife of three years, Nicole. “It’s fun to write something for her and for people who enjoy love songs.” He says that even during the most difficult of times, he will always stand by her.

They met at their high school youth group. “We were just friends for a couple of years, and then we started dating… I just feel really blessed to have her.”

We continues with “The Game,” originally released as a single in March 2018. It was the last song Coblentz put out before signing with RMG Amplify, and he wanted to give it another go-round with a fresh sound. “I cleaned up the mix and added a couple of subtle vocal layers to make it sound a little bit stronger.”

The song speaks directly to the listener about the path that non-Christians are following. “It’s self-glorification, possessions, pleasure. It’s anything that someone is going to spend their life trying to win.” He wants listeners to understand that it’s okay to lose that game. The lyrics speak about coming in the last place but Coblentz says, “it’s okay to be the last place in a race to something that’s meaningless.”

We’s second-to-last song, “Stay,” speaks about depression and suicide. “This is one of the heavier songs I put out. It’s very much written out of real conversations that I’ve had with a number of different people.”

The song encourages listeners to keep fighting, telling them to “stay for one more day. Keep staying for one more day and hold on.” Coblentz prays daily for people suffering from depression and suicidal inclinations, hoping that they will stay every day for one more day. “I want to encourage people that we’re in this together. We need to lean on each other, lift each other up in prayer, and let God do His thing.”

Coblentz concludes the album with the title track, “We.” He describes it’s sound as experimental and wants to leave the listeners with hope. “I feel like we as a human race are very broken. The thing is that we’re all in the same boat. We’re all in need of saving.”

Outside of music, he enjoys playing video games, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. He is a huge Marvel fan: before Avengers: Endgame was released, he and his brothers binged every movie leading up to it.

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