Hip-hop was meant to communicate a perspective. It was meant to shine light on certain issues within the community and within the world. With DRUMS AND SIXTEENS, Princeton Marcellis talks about some of those things and impute God’s truth and love that can change folks forever.

Video by Cameron Rhodes
Drums by Derek Winkley

I Yea, I am here to serve, like some waiters is/
The BOC is eatin, you can cater this/
the Bread of Life is why we got life, I want whatever my Dad likes/
I have no rights, I’m tryna be like Jesus so my swag bites/
I’m in the Light, wit my LORD, I used to try and buddy Him/
but now I treat Him like its dead week and I study Him/
at Christ, folks try to take more shots than some bar spots/
but for me my God took more whips than some car lots/
it’s heaven or hell, take ya pick, He came to fix those who are sick/
Jesus Christ, King of kings, take the crown from ya Vic/
the world be thinking we psycho/
but if I’m livin for them my sights low/
I’m here for the Father to make sons and daughters the walk is gettin harder like tight ropeeeesss/
yuh, I used to trust myself my life was foolish/
heart far from God, every day I was a Judas/
empty lookin for purpose I try to find it in myself/
I would be fulfilled if I met my goals and gain some wealth/
but naw, that’s a lie holmes/
abracadabra that lie’s gone/
and now I’m bout the Father’s biz like I got a tie on/
you livin in the dark but He’ll turn the lights on/
and keep goin, fake nails, press on/
u gotta understand that Jesus Christ paid the price for me/
I wasn’t worth a drop of blood but He gave His life for me/
laid it down raised it up reigns back in eternity/
made me a son I like to be the Spirit is daily purging me/
and I’m no longer livin, it’s Jesus who’s inside me/
go head and get a stick you can poke my dead body/
gone without a trace and we increase the murder rate/
the old me is in the dirt like he from the garden state/

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