JamTheHype.com’s very own @PaulWrites23 tore up the Sway in the Morning freestyle segment talking about CHH and how T-Bone, Lecrae, and Andy Mineo helped introduce him to God and got his life on track. Sway is very familiar with the CHH movement with various Christian hip hop artists appearing on the show over recent years. Paul got peppered with some good questions from Sway’s staff about trying to make ends meet doing hip hop and journalism. “As you get older the pressure gets worse,” Paul said, referring to friends and family who don’t see the creative arts as a path forward in life. Also, they were happy to see Paul praying before his appearance on the show because it showed that he practices what he preaches, is serious about his craft, with presenting himself well.

Paul busted out a freestyle that included some of the conversation with sixteenth note and triplet feels, along with a few other current flow-styles mixed in, showing Paul’s attentiveness to what’s hot in hip-hop at the moment. Watch the segment and let him know what you think.