RHETORIC is the world’s largest Christian spoken word event. It started as a small event we called Lyricists Lounge with only 150 people attending in downtown Los Angeles. They doubled in size each subsequent event having over 300 people, then 750 people then they sold out that venue at about 1250 people for two shows. Then they moved to Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos, CA, just outside of Los Angeles and had around 2800 guests in 2012 then over 3100 people in 2013 followed by a sell out of over 3500 people in 2014.


This year there will be performances by Propaganda, B.Reith, Joe Solomon (from Chase God TV) and more! We’ll also have a live cypher with the hottest up-and-coming emcees rapping to a track produced by Theory Hazit.  The theme is ‘The Campaign’, so each performance and cypher will address the most prevalent issues affecting our world today.

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