P.A.T. Junior releases the first single from his upcoming project “Nystagmus”, that is slated to release Fall 2014.  This high energy, hard-hitting track produced by D.Steele (producer for Humble Beast Records), serves as message to all those wrestling with trials and tribulations and shares how to view them in life.


“HT=MV2 (squared) stems from a difficult time in my life.  I was a younger man who was married, head strong, jobless, depressed and was clueless to where I was headed in life.  Multiple trials I that I faced made me question the confident decisions I made in the past, the existence of God and my self-worth.  However, my faith pushed me to realize that tough times are used to shape my character and motivate me to push forward even in my darkest times.  From that point on, I was given a new perspective: to see hard times as my fuel for motivation despite the rejection, failure and disappointments I face in my journey.”


Let lack of inspiration push you to get creative.  Let rejection fuel you to keep pushing forward.  Let your difficult times be your motivation.