“[I’m] just a young guy getting older. Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Trying to make a difference. Trying to revolutionize the schools.”

At age fifteen, Oscar Urbina started hanging out with friends in school who were big fans of Hip-Hop. “Some of them would write and I wanted to write too… It’s crazy how night and day it is. If you hear my first writing, it’s not as advanced as it is now, not even close.”

When Oscar Urbina was sixteen years old, “The Passion of the Christ” came out in theaters. He went to see the movie with friends, and

“the movie struck a nerve with me. What was this movie about? Was this guy just being beat up? I didn’t know the reason for it and the movie didn’t say.”

Shortly afterwards, while playing Madden with friends at his house, Urbina saw a book on the coffee table, the Gospel of John. “I saw that it said the name Jesus in there and I remember [in] the movie, ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ they would constantly say ‘Jesus.’ So this book is about the guy from the movie.”

A few days after finding it in his house, he brought it to school with him to read it. “It captivated me. I read the whole book of John from first period to seventh period. That kind of sparked off the interest in Christianity.”