The Impact Music duo Nolan G. and Mateo team up to release their single “New School.”

Produced by Gax


New school in the building
If you tired of the old school you know how I’m feeling
They like you gotta be like that
Conform to this
And if you don’t
You’re rebellious
This ain’t no hunger games
But I’m stepping of the plate
New school on the come up got my squad in the game
We gon play to win but not the way you think
The lower we stoop the more that we gain
Came on this verse put the beat in the hearse
Sent it to the funeral but missed it cus I had church
That’s how we work
Straight outta the new school
My squad we don’t mess around like we used to
My crew you know we run this town
Making that new school feeling with the new school sound
I tried to call Gax but he wouldn’t pick up
He proly burned his house down again or blew it up
So I switch the number try to call my boy mat
But he’s laying down some new school on that new track
Extra extra read all about it
New school we in charge like we don’t need no ballot

We that new school (8x)

From the therefore’s to the unto’s
That’s that syllogism
Ooh watch me whip out
All that catechism
I’m that homeschool hill billy
I can kill a track really
Thought you were the real dilly
But you just wasting rhythm
Sometimes I’m hypocritical for telling its prognosis
That’s right I’m super literal cause ambiguities synopsis
That’s a mispronunciation must be a misdemeanor
Justice in quotations becomes a battle of whose the meaner
Throwing out ten thousand puns
Hoping that you catching some
If it doesn’t add up then I hope you just retain the sum
Hope you got that one right cus if you didn’t
I’ll repeat it again and again till you get it
I praise God with these lines they call me petty nun
Me I’m your humble servant unlike those who pity none
You say the cops mean but they follow me on Instagram
That’s old school fam you know I respect the badge
Ay I’m a trouble maker but the cops love me
This must be hammer time cus you can’t touch me
You like to rap hard but you do it for the diamond rings
I baptize tracks and then I send them to the guillotine



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