Kanye West is making history. He is currently the most talked about topic in the Hip-Hop world (pop culture in general). His album titled ‘Jesus Is King’ is extra extra highly anticipated. West appears to be shifting culture and shocking the music industry. He’s proclaiming to be a follower of God. His Sunday Services and music are becoming a lot more biblically sound, than a lot of critics predicted. Ye has even gone on record to say that he is done with “secular music.” ‘Jesus Is King,’ as an album and film, is coming soon.

Apparently the project can drop any minute. It is Monday, October 1st and there is no longer a release date. Someone did record it on the low during Ye’s listening party in NY, but that can’t be seen as official, being Kanye is known for changing things on projects right before they come out. Plus, we want the official version!

Kanye West has taken the Christian Hip-Hop community by storm since changing up his approach.

Here is some more interesting news. ‘Jesus Is King’ will feature No Malice, who has consistently created Christ-centered music, since his debut solo album called ‘Hear Ye Him’ dropped in 2013. No Malice was a part of The Clipse, the legendary platinum-selling hip-hop duo, alongside his brother Pusha T. Kanye has musically reunited Pusha T and No Malice on the song titled “Use This Gospel for Protection” on his ‘Jesus Is King’ project. Jazz legend Kenny G is also on the track.

No Malice’s ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’ album dropped in August of 2017.

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Are you excited about the ‘Jesus Is King’ album? Thoughts on how CHH should respond to Kanye’s recent actions?

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