A few hours ago, NF dropped a music video for his new single titled “Outro.”

The song is high-quality. It didn’t disappoint most NF fans.

After enjoying the visual, I noticed something interesting though. In the description of the YouTube video, it credits NF Real Music, LLC as the company behind “Outro.” In NF’s past videos like “How Could You Leave Us” and “Warm Up,” Capitol CMG Label Group (Christian division of Capitol Records) is listed as his record label.

These facts made me head to the Capitol CMG Label Group website. I discovered that NF is no longer recorded as an artist on the site. Yes, the Social Club Misfits are still on there but NF is not in sight. The main Capitol Records website does have him still listed as a Capitol Records artist. Does that mean NF just got moved out of the Christian division of the label? Does it mean that he is no longer on the imprint? Maybe they just haven’t taken him off the main website yet. Maybe it means he is only with them for distribution. Is he now independent? That would be a game changer.

iTunes lists the single as Capitol Records/2017 NF Real Music, LLC. NF’s Twitter bio has nothing to do with Capitol at the same time. It just says “REALMUSIC.” The tone of how he reps Capitol CMG now seems a lot different compared to the days of his earlier releases. Something is up.

We are definitely in the era of independent when it comes to the music industry. Chance The Rapper has been mainstream media’s poster boy for the independent wave. Social media, internet, and streaming have all changed the game. The music industry has felt the effects of the internet age more every year.

Artists can build a fanbase, go on tour, sell merchandise, and break streaming records with the right digital grind and product. The “you need a record label” model is a lot less relevant than it was in the 90s and early 2000s. If NF is indeed independent now, it makes sense. He probably doesn’t need Capitol as much anymore. NF can have more control over his music, release schedule, and money from sales. We pray the best for him. What do you think about these developments?

We’ll keep you updated!

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