There are lots of great releases this week. Ruslan, Brinson, and Dillon Chase released albums, and Alex Faith and Word released smaller projects. Deraj and S.O dropped singles.

Indie Jones by Ruslan

Kings Dream Entertainment artist Ruslan released his new album Indie Jones on Monday, August 21st.

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Thornz by Brinson

Jacksonville, Florida artist and GodChaserz Entertianment artist Brinson released a new album called Thornz. We had the opportunity to interview him about the project, and he described the message as the following.

“Even the dark things in your life, how Paul said ‘I want to do good but evil is all that is present,’ you can have a good life in Christ without compromise. Even with the things that try to draw you back in, you don’t have to submit to the thorns in your life, the things that are constantly trying to make you bow your knee and forsake God.”

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Summer Pack by Alex Faith

Former Collision Records artist Alex Faith is releasing a three-track project, Summer Pack, with features from Tony Ri’Chard, Kishon, and Jarry Manna.

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Drifting by Dillon Chase

Dillon Chase released an outer-space themed album called Drifting. It goes along with a short story he wrote of the same title, which you can read through Amazon. We also interviewed him about this project, and you can stay tuned to our social media and website to read it when it comes out.

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Flexecution, Vol. 1 by Word

St. Louis artist and Dead Heroes member Word released an EP, Flexecution, Vol. 1. We interviewed him about the project, and you can read about it here.

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“Hold You Down” by Deraj

Reflection Music Group artist Deraj released a new single “Hold You Down” featuring GNRA. It is part of an upcoming EP called Goodish.

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“Where Would I Be” by S.O.

Lamp Mode Recordings artist S.O. released a new single featuring Canadian artist Dru Bex. In a press release, he said…

Where Would I Be? is a celebratory reminder to reflect and remember how far you’ve come. If God didn’t save us from darkness into His light, where would we be? Every Christian has that testimony — never forget,” exhorted S.O.

You can get “Where Would I Be?” on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Listen on Spotify.