Hailing from the Chicago-area surfaces a young artist who is determined to get his message of courage, faith, and finding your purpose to the masses. Nehemiah’s latest release, and free download, Remember, tries to do just that. The six-track album is now available for download on datpiff.com and is a sample of what is brewing in the artist’s heart.

The mixtape begins with a haunting organ intro that may remind some of an upcoming end of October day. In this record, “Remember Him,” Nehemiah does well to justify the eerie beginning by reminding us of how we should remember that He died for us. With impressive clarity and production loops, Nehemiah doesn’t hide about whom he’s representing. Take into consideration these lyrics: 

Let me formally introduce you to the person who raised the people from the dead.
I hope you heard what I said.
The same one for you who bled.
Who you gon’ remember, man.
I hope that you remember Him.

Following a trend found in the entire album is another display of instrumentation with the piano intro to the next track, “With Me.” This song features a singer by the name of Mercadize who also features on another track on the album. Her singing and his flow describe the struggle that Nehemiah has with the calling God has given him, much in the way Moses had with God at the Burning Bush. He makes this known in the following lyrics:

I’m ashamed of me. I’m ashamed of the opportunity that I’ve been given.
Christian Sunday, Monday keep on sinning. This isn’t the mission that I intended to have.
I got a question God. Why did you choose me?
I can easily list at least three people better than me for the job, which you picked me.

In the end, it sounds as he accepts the mission, as long as God remains with him.

“Turn Out Alright” turns out to be pretty serious. Accompanied by just a piano and strings, the passionate track covers different personal situations that many struggle with from being neglected and not wanted, to sexually abused and trafficked, to living a different lifestyle. The strong situations reflect struggle, scarring, condemnation, hatred, and not being helped. In an effort to help comfort and encourage those who are struggling, Nehemiah raps about things he’s learned along the way:

If you’ve failed, it doesn’t mean its over. It means you’ve tried.
Being confident in life doesn’t always equal pride
And I promise you’ll always have that one person who’s always by your side.
I want to encourage you guys, don’t give up the fight.
I promise you everything in the end’s gonna turn out alright

The following record, “Giving Everything,” again begins with the piano, but this time on a more robust level and with some force. Some strings also accompany the way into the beat as Nehemiah goes over some personal questions in his mind and emphasizes that no matter what happens, he’s going to give his everything. 

Mercadize’s sophomore appearance on the album comes through in “Feeling Good.” With an intro that feels reminiscent of a bluesy lounge song and into a beat that closely resembles that of an old black and white crime show such as “Perry Mason,” the track then goes into a more modern beat while turning itself into what seems to be very much more of an intermission to the closing single, “Legacy.”

The song “Legacy” closes out the album and asks what will you leave behind…what will be your legacy? It can be good or bad. Which will you choose and what will you be remembered for? This finale does a good job of bringing lyrical elements from the other songs, recapping the entire album and rounding it out into a full package.

Overall, the lyrical flow was very consistent throughout the entire project without much variation in style. The production, mixing, and mastering of the album could also use a little work, but in the end, with some proper guidance and fine tuning, Nehemiah can build upon what he has already and reach more people. Go ahead, give it a download, listen, and let’s encourage the artist who’s trying to encourage others.

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