Atlanta, GA – Nate “The Beatbreaker” Robinson is always heard but hardly ever seen.  He sits in the backdrops performing like he’s on center stage.  Traveling the world as lead percussionist and musical director for 2 time Grammy-winning Hip-Hop artist Lecrae, “The BeatBreaker” has finally decided to show the world who he really is.  

This original docufilm takes an intimate look into the life of Nate Robinson.  More than just a percussionist and producer, Nate Robinson is a man whose story pulls at your heart strings as he provides insight into the struggle of early fatherhood survival at the young age of 15 all while trying to find peace in his music.  This is the same music that helped him avoid the constant beckon of the Houston streets.  Starting with his high school band director, the docufilm “Break the Limits: An intimate look at the man behind the beat” unfolds as we dive into the life and mind of “The Beatbreaker” and find out who he is beyond the drums.  It’s a story of faith, family, perseverance and redemption.   

“Break The Limits: a docufilm on the man behind the beat” is set to release on October 1st , 2015 with a 10-day Instagram campaign leading up to the release encouraging his fans to tell their own story with words and pictures.

Brief Bio:  As musical director and drummer for Platinum Hip-Hop artist Lecrae, Nate has experienced industry success and understands the tools needed to get to where he is now.  When not on the road, Nate and his wife Traci oversee Music Life Studio, an organization that offers music lessons in drums, guitar, bass, piano, and voice to underprivileged and at-risk youth .  Nate has played with a variety of Grammy-winning and Bill-board topping artists including: Wayman Tisdale, Kelis, Tank, Angie Stone, Jermaine Dupree, Sarah Morrow, and Tyler Perry among others.