Clarksville Tennessee’s own Mystery Known drops his new single “Welcome Back” from his upcoming mixtape ‘Retrospect – Volume 1’

He talks about the track: “The song is about going back to the ministry God called us to as well as back to a place where we were more focused on the things of God.”

Produced by Allrounda Productions


Verse 1

There was time where I thought that music was my everything/ Pen pad in the lab was my medicine I needed change/ Therapy session minus the therapists just the booth and the truth lyrical plays to produce who got them bars got the juice/ rhyming on Q moving my Bishop a lateral move going after the king to checkmate had the ladder removed/ I was all about the glory me myself and I / until I got knocked off the throne and I seen the sky/ Not talking vodka but the doctor who resuscitates/ The one we call when we fall and we make mistakes/ Livin our life to the fullest there’s a lot at stake/ Especially when we’re trying to change up our real estate/ A new address let me address the game adjust my aim/ Instead of shooting from the hip I’m shooting towards ya brain/ A lyrical assault piercing through ya heart/ Ima pick the game up where I left it runners on ya mark set go.


Welcome Back 13x You been gone for too long.

Verse 2

Yo I wanted to be the realest rapper the illest rapper I wanted to be rich and famous name shouted through the rafters but shortly after I took a page right out the chapter the good book had a brother shook/ Cause there’s no such thing as a halfway crook/ Was scared to death scared to look was shook but I couldn’t turn away cause there was more for you to say/ Flippin through every verse just tryin to find my way/ Man life’s a blood sport lookin like Chong Li fighting all up throw the ranks just tryin to stay free just tryin to be me/ In a world full of clones got genetic syndromes that will never leave us alone/ Murder money drugs sex its like one continual song/ And I know that’s where we came from but we changed some now we’re walkin to a different beat to a different drum/But the same pattern/ on the MPC the MP3 God empty me.


Welcome Back 13x You been gone for too long.

Verse 3

A Yo I had to take a break (pause)/ Wanted to scale the great (wall)/ Before I knew it I started to set up for a pit fall/ I fell low/ lower than I’ve ever been/ It felt slow/ slower profits can I win/ I don’t know but I started to neglect you worried about them instagram likes when I have you/ Social media sites entice then they grab you/ Caught up in the hype of it lose sight and start to slip/ Your number one fan/ You can call me Stan/ But it’s you and not me who has the world in His hands/ So I put down my arrogance/ Picked up my heaven sense/ You’d be amazed by how quickly your paradigm can shift/ And my lifestyle is my evidence/ God Faith Family first/ the best a man can get/ Trying to leave my seeds an inheritance/ And speak life into the game so truth is relevant.

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